Thursday, 8 December 2016

Christmas Shopping and Buying Christmas LIghts 8 Dec 2016

 good  morning guys today we are running a  bunch of errands we have a lot of stuff to get done tomorrow we are planning on  shooting a video and then also doing like a shoot for the new arrival for   our  store so you're currently headed over to

the warehouse we're  gonna  go   and figure  out exactly what pieces were shooting and just make sure that everything is ready to go for tomorrow  I  think we're   going to go to target  again we also we're going to go into the

mall  think to  home depot   parking lots of  my ladder and he's gonna put up our   Christmas I'd today I should've  put  those up before thanksgiving day of   thanksgiving i don't understand people  who are like so anti-christmas before

 thanksgiving  the longer you can  celebrate and be in the Christmas spirit   the better  we're   joining the slides up all  year  round   should  be those people   we're rain   are we close our  home   depot Parker's

getting a lot of us we can hang up our   christmas wide and  for the warehouse  because  I now  when we have is like a  really really   sketch you on  what   but  thanks we're in the grocery store   now  we  are out of our bottles were out of like

pretty much everything and   I  are  different  when it comes to grocery shop  because if I like half the time I like to meal  prep  that's what makes us different w no   no Parker doesn't like to like lay

anything out like  I  don't meal prep but   I say like a for a week i  have like  three different ideas for dinner lunch  blox   i put together  like recipes   but I  get the stuff that   i need for all these  recipes today is  yesterday  Wednesday

today's Wednesday we're leaving friday  we're not going to   many groceries  but we  are out of  I practically every day  oh I dropped it   looks no clear  did any of you guys see that video  i saw  on facebook and it was   basically  tell

you about this about the people that  were drinking  dog milk  yeah   there's like   some guy  like our new york or something  something like that he had like samples  on a tray he was like  oh  this is a new  milk company and trying out like test

this new brand  milk  so people were  tasting and they're like oh it's pretty good it's like kind of a little bit more sweet like stuff like that everybody was like oh yeah like it's pretty good  pretty good  then it turned out this dogs

milk and that people like  flipped  out  like that's disgusting  you like I can't  believe you would do that to me   but then  the guy was like how is that any different  than  cow's milk we don't have  a lot of  logs footage today so we're

 gonna  do a segment on crackers  we're gonna tell you which ones are good  which ones are bad good good that that  have you ever tasted those now good good  bad these crackers are really good  those  were triscuits I'm scared of

triscuits because one time you know how  they're like really like  there's like  a  bunch of little pieces  yeah one time   I took a bite and then   when  I like open my mouth to chew   I   breathe in a  little piece got stuck in

my throat and I started   joking that's  scary it was scary as an ally that was  like a long ago   the  garlic   are you going   to eat  our pepper bad  good good bad or in the cereal aisle   I'm  out of my favorite cereal so   I need to

get some more but also  I really want to figure out some good  and easy vegan lunch option is pretty  much every day for breakfast  respect  these are the best   pretty much every day  for breakfast  i have oatmeal  and

something for lunch  I don't   can't  ever remember what   i  have  for lunch  but I usually for dinner I  have like an  awesome table so good  but i  really want to figure out some good vegan options for lunch

you  guys should comment down below if  any of you guys have any like good vegan  food options I just only like certain things  I  don't need to use what that  pizza maker thing that we got   oh yeah my  friend  got us a pizza maker and we want

 to use d  actually get stuff to make  pizza  sure  this is my favorite fruit   I also evil i think i should myself   getting one in  like yesterday's blog or  the day before  and a  lot of you guys  wanted to know just how  i make it so i

might make one for dinner tonight  so   i'll show you is how i do it  so easy and  so good  i literally have it probably at  least five nights a week for dinner or   four  hey guys  i have  a dilemma   can't  figure

out which potatoes  I want to get they're  all really small  I guess we'll just get  some of these to get these   Oh sort of  right here on funny thing is that is  something your  actions or eggs  you throw  something on eggs

   people   you  so happy  what's up you're so cute  mmm  yeah we  just pick up all the new stuff that we have to take photos of tomorrow bringing

them  up to  our house because we forgot  the steamer at  our house he's waiting  Gideon   oh my  goodness  she learned a new trick   mara how old are  you today  hey I'm  91   toad  say yeah

     so that is  going to be it for the vlog  today  i hope you guys enjoyed it i was  gonna be really fun day we're shooting a  lot of stuff tomorrow think the  

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